Eggs on Burgers?

Have you tried our Bacon, Egg & Cheeseburger, Fat Cat burger or topped any of our delicious burgers with a fried egg?  For some, the fried egg on a burger isn’t for them and we get it but we think everyone should try a fresh farm fried egg on a burger at least once!  You may be surprised on just how awesome it is!

There are actually some benefits to having an egg on your burger!

  1. Eggs lower triglycerides.  Eating farm fresh eggs where hens are raised on pasture or Omega-3 enriched feeds are much higher in Omega-3 fatty acides.
  1. High in protein.  Eggs are high in protein and we all know the human body needs protein to be healthy!
  1. Nutritious! Eggs are really one of the most healthy and nutritious foods out there!  Loaded with Vitamin A and E, eggs are the healthy choice.
  1. Fulfilling! Eating eggs makes you feel full longer and thus you eat less which helps to avoid unnecessary weight gain!

We serve fresh, farm eggs from local farms here at GoldBurgers and we invite you to try one of our burgers topped with an egg on your next visit!  We think you’ll be happy you tried one!

When you order your burger with an egg, you can ask for a soft yolk fried egg and when you bite into your burger and the yolk and beef mix together, it’s a taste out of this world! Or ask for a hard yolk egg and the texture and taste is just as delicious.

Though trying new things is not for everyone, especially an egg on a burger, it’s really a great combination to enjoy on your next trip to Goldburgers!

GoldBurgers, we are not your everyday ordinary burger joint!  You will be greeted by the friendliest staff, enjoy the best food around and will look forward to coming back for more!

We look forward to serving you soon.  GoldBurgers is located at 1096 Main Street, Newington, CT

Goldburgers Gourmet burgers, 1096 Main Street, Newington, Ct
Bacon, Egg & Cheeseburger


Our hours are:

Monday, Tuesday: 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Wednesday, Thursday: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Friday, Saturday: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Sunday: noon to 8 p.m


GoldBurgers cheese fries are a delicious addition to any of our freshly made burgers!

French fries dressed up and layered in smooth, creamy nacho cheese sauce, what is there not to love?

It’s thought that cheese fries debuted in the 1950’s around the time that Cheez Whiz came out on the market!  There are many varieties throughout the U.S. of cheese fries that people enjoy.  In the southwest, U.S., cheese fries are usually covered with melted cheddar, jalapeno slices, bacon bits and chives. In New York and New Jersey a popular choice are fries smothered in American, Mozzarella or Swiss Cheese.   Chili-cheese fries are another popular choice.  Here at GoldBurgers, our customers love our nacho cheese fries which are fresh cut and smothered with nacho cheese!  Once bite of these golden beauties and you’ll be back for more!  So the next time you’re at GoldBurgers, go head and try our cheese fries, we dare you!


Unusual Burger Toppings That Are Awesomely Amazing!

It’s a new year and with that comes trying new things!  It’s all the toppings when it comes to Goldburgers delicious specialty burgers!   We invite you to try one of our specialty burgers with their specialty toppings!  From eggs, hummus, buffalo sauce, ranch dressing, roasted garlic mayo,and potato chips the combinations are endless!

Hot Nerd

For instance, give our sausage & peppers burger a try! It’s a sausage burger, provolone cheese, roasted red peppers, cherry peppers, frizzies, and balsamic topped with roasted garlic mayo! Now how’s that for a delicious combo?

A customer favorite is the Southern which has a single patty, chili, pastrami, pickly and spicy mustard! Mmm Mmm good!  You can view a complete list of our specialty burgers at:

There’s so many delicious combinations when having a burger whether it’s a veggie burger, chicken burger or beef burger!  Give them all a try here at GoldBurgers!  We know you’ll be coming back for more!

A complete listing of our toppings:


Lettuce, tomato, onion, sweet relish, jalapeños, sport peppers, cherry peppers, hot sauce, BBQ sauce, southern BBQ, honey BBQ, spicy BBQ, ketchup, mustard, mayo, chipotle mayo, GoldBurger sauce, cucumber dill sauce, buffalo sauce, ranch, tahini ranch, mac sauce, steak sauce, sauerkraut, house pickles


American, cheddar, Swiss, pepper jack, provolone, nacho cheese, roasted garlic, frizzies, coleslaw, potato chips, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, roasted red peppers, roasted red pepper hummus


Blue cheese, Cherry pepper mayo, chili, bacon, pastrami, French fries, onion rings

Don’t wait any further, come on into GoldBurgers and enjoy a fantastic burger today! We are located at 1096 Main Street, Newington, CT 06111.  Phone:  860-665-0478

Our hours:

Monday, Tuesday: 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Wednesday, Thursday: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Friday, Saturday: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Sunday: 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

It’s the Holiday Season!

Hey everyone, the holiday cheerful moods are in full swing and there are quite a few exciting things to do in the Hartford area over the next few weeks!


With festive lights, holiday music, decorated trees, one can’t help but to feel the holiday spirit while walking around Hartford and the surrounding cities!  Holiday shoppers are filling stores to shop for family & friends and filling their bellies in local restaurants.

Whether your just visiting or live local, you don’t want to miss these fantastic holiday happenings this month:

Winter Fest Connecticut Trolley Museum:  The trolley travels through a tunnel of lights and also explore the many decorated and lit trolleys in the museum.

Winter Extravaganza On Ice – Dec 10th – XL Center, Hartford

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer – The Musical – The Bushnell

Winterfest Ice Skating – Free ice skating on the east side of Bushnell Park.

Holiday Light Fantasia: A 2 mile winter wonderland in Goodwin Park. Drive through – admission is $12 per car.

There is so much to do in the Hartford area and you can check out a complete list of events in the Hartford area by going to:

Before or after checking out the local holiday festivities, don’t forget to stop into Gold Burgers  , 1096 Main Street, Newington, CT and check out our delicious menu!  From melt in your mouth onion rings to our specialty burgers, we have something for everyone at Gold Burgers!

Gold Burgers gift cards are the perfect gift to give this holiday season!  So come on in and sit down, relax, enjoy some great food and don’t forget to pick up a gift card or two while you’re here!

All of us at Gold Burgers wish you and yours a very happy holiday season!

May your holidays be merry and bright!





At Goldburgers, we not only have a great variety of specialty burgers and hot dogs, but you can build your own!  Be creative when ordering your next burger, your creation might surprise you!  Perhaps try a combination of many different items at home that you love and it might just delight you with how your burger tastes!  It’s all about loving the food and being open minded!  After all our concept is to turn a good ole’ hot dog or burger into a culinary taste delight or better known as a craft burger or dog!

Goldburgers Gourmet burgers, 1096 Main Street, Newington, Ct

That’s right, go ahead and be brave!   Perhaps try a burger topped with French fries, nacho cheese, and chili or grilled mushrooms, swiss cheese, peppers & onions?   The choices and combination of toppings are endless!  We love what we do and you will see the different when you taste our burgers!

Our hand-crafted, made-to-order hamburger and sausage patties are proprietary blends that are ground daily for us at Bogner Quality Meats in Manchester, CT. Our chicken patties are a blend of antibiotic and hormone-free thigh and breast meat from locally-owned  Stew Leonard’s. Over the past couple of years, we have been offering a CT Pasture Burger on our Specials Board where Chef Tim showcases locally raised, grass-fed beef paired with local ingredients. Our eggs are always local. Our Veggie Burger is house-made from scratch.

The one thing we know for sure is once you try Goldburgers there’s not going back to those “fast” food chains!

So what are you waiting for, come on down to our location at 1096 Main Street, Newington and take your tastes buds on the ultimate ride!

Our topping choices are:


Lettuce, tomato, onion, sweet relish, jalapeños, sport peppers, cherry peppers, hot sauce, BBQ sauce, southern BBQ, honey BBQ, spicy BBQ, ketchup, mustard, mayo, chipotle mayo, GoldBurger sauce, cucumber dill sauce, buffalo sauce, ranch, tahini ranch, mac sauce, steak sauce, sauerkraut, house pickles


American, cheddar, Swiss, pepper jack, provolone, nacho cheese, roasted garlic, frizzies, coleslaw, potato chips, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, roasted red peppers, roasted red pepper hummus


Blue cheese, Cherry pepper mayo, chili, bacon, pastrami, French fries, onion rings




Our chicken patties are a blend of antibiotic and hormone-free thigh and breast meat from locally-owned Stew Leonard’s.

Using antibiotic and hormone free chicken meat is healthier for our customers!  Overuse by agricultural companies to make animals grow faster is not worth jeopardizing our health!  We at GoldBurgers believe in hormone and antibiotic free poultry for our menu items!

Our chicken burgers are moist, juicy and delicious.  One try of these bad boys and you’ll be back for more!


Goldburgers Gourmet burgers, 1096 Main Street, Newington, Ct

Chicken Hummus

Chicken burger, grilled onion, roasted red pepper hummus, lettuce, tomato

Chicken Coop

Chicken burger, Swiss, lettuce, tomato, cucumber dill

Which Came First

Chicken burger, lettuce, frizzies, farm egg, mayo

Buffalo Chicken Bacon Ranch

Chicken burger, bacon, lettuce, tomato, buffalo sauce, ranch

Chicken & Waffle

Chicken burger, bacon, American, maple syrup, waffle fries, hot sauce

Our chicken burgers are the best around and also low in fat and calories!  We know that you will love our chicken burgers so stop in soon and enjoy one of them at GoldBurgers!

The Love of Onion Rings!

Would you like fries or onion rings with your order?  This is a typical question we are asked when ordering a burger or a hot dog!  Onion rings by far are probably the tastiest companion to a good burger or hot dog!  These deep fried rings of pure deliciousness are not to be missed next time you visit GoldBurgers!

What makes onion rings so appealing to people? We can’t be sure but the fried batter with the taste of onion is one heck of a good combination!

Onion rings have been around for quite some time in the U.S.  though the exact origin of where they all started is unknown, a recipe was published in the New York Daily Times in 1910.

Sam Quigley started a company in 1955 based on the concept of creating products for the food service industry that would eliminate taking the work out of the kitchen and straight into flash fryers.

He supplied restaurants with frozen, fry-n-serve hand breaded onion rings. In the beginning, he sold them out of his storefront in Nebraska but the business quickly boomed and his idea for a company was born. In 1959, the demand for these special onion rings was so high that a factory was built to make them. Mechanized methods were introduced to make the onion ring-making process faster and more efficient. Onion rings truly became popular in the 1960’s, when the A & W chain restaurant introduced the dish to its’ menus.

Onion rings are typically served with ketchup but dipping them in mayonnaise and chipotle sauces are good too!

The trick to eating an onion ring is to avoid pulling the entire onion out of the batter if one fails to cut through both layers with their teeth.  Did you know that there is an actual unofficial Onion Ring Day in the U.S. – June 22nd.

Onions are high in vitamin C and are a good source of fiber.  Next time you visit GoldBurgers for one of our out of this world burgers or hot dogs, treat yourself to our delicious onion rings!







Sliders, the American version of a small sandwich! Typically a small burger in between a small bun!  Sliders are popping up on menus all across America and are becoming quite popular not only with adults but they are the perfect size for kids!

They are not a new item in the food industry and it is believed that sliders were first created in Wichita, Kansas in the 1920’s by a chain restaurant called White Castle.  At the time, Americans were hesitant to eat ground beef after a 1906 novel The Jungle told about the poor sanitization of meat processing.  The founders of White Castle set out to change the perception of the cleanliness of the industry.

White Castle created sliders and sold for five cents each until the 1940’s when prices rose to ten cents each.  These little burgers became quite popular as they were affordable and consumers felt they got a good bang for their buck!

Today, you can find sliders in most restaurants and they aren’t just hamburgers anymore!  There are pulled pork sliders, meatball sliders, bbq chicken sliders, Chipotle sliders, Hawaiian beef sliders, Turkey  Swiss sliders, hot dog sliders!  Any little sandwich on a little bun can be called a slider!

At Goldburgers, our slider is a mini burger with American cheese, grilled onion, pickle and our famous GoldBurger sauce!

Pair your GoldBurger sliders with fries, rings or our famous mac squares and you’ll be leaving with a full belly and big ole’ smile on your face!



Who doesn’t love a good hot dog?  It’s summer and BBQ’s are in full swing and it’s time to eat hot dogs!!!!

At GoldBurgers, yes we are known for our burgers, but we love our hot dogs! You have a choice of skinless all beef or beef & pork with natural casings.



Topless Dog

choose a dog and top it

New England

chili, onions, mustard, celery salt

Coney Dog

chili, nacho cheese, onions, mustard

Slaw Dog

coleslaw, onions, mustard

Chicago Style

tomato, pickle, relish, sport peppers onions, mustard, celery salt


bacon, pepper jack, pickles, ranch, grilled onion

Crouching Hot Dog, Hidden Jalapeños

cheddar, sauerkraut, jalapeños, GoldBurger sauce

We want you to love your experience with us as much as we love cooking for you!  If you don’t see a topping on our menu that you would like, just ask us!  The most important thing of all is to enjoy your hot dog and smile!

We have some hot dog etiquette fun for you this month!

The Do’s:

  1. Serve plain, poppy or wheat buns with hot dogs. Any other type of bun or using bread is a no-no!
  2. Eat hot dogs on a bun with your hands!
  3. Condiments remaining on the fingers after eating a hot dog are game for licking!
  4. Use multi-colored toothpicks to serve cocktail wieners. Cocktail forks are in poor taste!

The Dont’s:

  1. Don’t microwave a hot dog – they often explode.
  2. Use a cloth a napkin to wipe your mouth. Paper is preferable!
  3. Take more than 5 bites to finish a hot dog.
  4. Put toppings on the top of the bun
  5. Use Ketchup on your hot dog after the age of 18. Mustard, relish, onions, cheese and chili are acceptable.
  6. Leave bits of your bun on the plate – eat it all!

If you’re cooking hot dogs at home here are some safety tips!

Safety Tips

  • Although hot dogs are fully cooked, you should reheat them and make sure they are steamy hot throughout.
  • When you leave the grocery store with hot dogs, head straight home and refrigerate or freeze them immediately.
  • If there is no product date, hot dogs can be safely stored in the unopened package for two weeks in the refrigerator; once opened, only one week.
  • Freeze hot dogs no longer than one or two months.
  • Never leave hot dogs at room temperature for more than two hours. In the hot summer months, when the temperature goes above 90 degrees, no more than one hour.

What is Farm To Table?

A few times a year, we here at Goldburgers love for the Farm To Table dinners at Eddy Farm in Newington.  These dinners consist of a multiple course, prix fixe menu using fresh local ingredients. A listing of our upcoming Farm to Table Dinners can be seen on our website’s event page.

Box with vegetables
Farmer with wooden box full of ripe vegetables

Farm To Table, though seemingly more popular in recent years, is not a new concept!  As far back as the mid 1800’s, people living in the cities longed for food that was grown locally.  They longed for vacationing at country resorts that grew their own food.  Let’s be real, food back in the 1800’s was not always “fresh” by the time it arrived at home.

Today, if you’re interested in food, you’ve most likely heard the term Farm To Table.  Farm to Table has come about in the last 50 or so years where there has been some disconnect about where our food actually comes from and where it’s grown.  Farm to Table is about distance – the shortest distance between the farm and the consumer!  Farm To Table dinners provide fresh meat, produce and dairy to the consumer. These dinners are always fresh, have better flavor than a dinner made from ingredients shipped from afar and better nutritional value!

Attending a Farm To Table dinner is a great way to get out, support your local farmers and get to know more people in the community.

So what are you waiting for?  We encourage you to give one of our Farm To Table dinners a try this summer & fall.  We think you’ll love it!